Janitorial Services - Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

Merit Building Cleaning provides small and large businesses with several cleaning services to meet their janitorial and general cleaning needs.

Office Cleaning

We provide full office cleaning services for banks and other office building environments. Merit Building Cleaning knows how important first impressions are when interacting with customers and gaining their business. For large bank corporations, our goal is to maintain a consistent look and image across every branch. We vacuum carpeting, clean upholstery, sanitize and dust desks, cubicles, and countertops, mop floors, and gently clean electronic equipment. In any office building, we thoroughly clean every area from the restrooms to individual offices. We work with a keen eye for detail, inspecting each job before packing up our supplies. We cater to your company’s specific needs and budget.

Stripping & Waxing

Merit Building Cleaning provides floor care services, including stripping and waxing of vinyl floors. First, we sweep the entire area and scrub the floor to remove dirt and bacteria, as well as neutralize PH levels. Next, we apply three to four coats of sealer, followed by a wax to restore shine and protect your floors from scratches.

Carpet Shampooing

For in-depth carpet cleaning that goes beyond regular vacuuming, Merit Building Cleaning offers shampooing services to get rid of stains, odors, and set-in dirt. We use gentle products that don’t leave a strong scent behind and dry faster than lower-quality shampoos.

Window Cleaning

Merit Building Cleaning offers commercial window cleaning for any business environment from small storefronts to office buildings with several stories. We have the equipment, specialized products, and experience to keep your windows clear and resistant to dirt from indoor and outdoor sources.

Dental & Healthcare Facilities

Because of the nature of medical and dental services, these facilities require specific cleaning and sanitation services. It’s not only about presentation and tidiness; it’s also a matter of safety and disease prevention. Merit Building Cleaning ensures that high level aseptic cleaning products are used in exam rooms as well as the front desk area, waiting rooms, hallways, and utility closets. You can trust our team of professional cleaners in Saskatoon to effectively clean doctor’s offices, clinics, and dentist facilities.

Industrial Cleaning

The vast square footage, variety of equipment, and nature of industrial spaces translates into specialized cleaning needs. From scuff mark and grease removal to dusting and sanitizing, our cleaning team will keep your facilities up and running safely and effectively.

Construction Cleanup

If your company’s building was recently finished or you’ve completed remodeling, let Merit Building Cleaning take care of construction cleanup. We remove concrete and sawdust, dirt, and debris so you can focus on enjoying your new environment.

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